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Our Videos

Love, Love, Love by The InSurGentZ

From the man who sang about a vicar's hand in your underpants, who allegedly threw his own Father's ashes over a pop crowd and who once sang a sweet, lullaby to his Mother entitled: "Bitch, Slut, Slag, Whore", comes "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE" – the sweetest LOVE song of all time.

What is it? a LOVE song. What's it about? LOVE. What's it like? LOVELY. Who's it aimed at? LOVERS.

So, rush out and buy it. Play it to your wife, your sister and your brother. Play it at your Gran. Play it in the car, on the bus, in a van. Play it in the shops, at work and at play. Play it in the high-rise, low-rise, any wise. Play it on the top-deck, play it on the bottom-deck, play it on the poop deck.

So, get it and caress it. Stroke it and poke it. Rub it up and down, rub it in and out. Kiss it, lick it, stick it and prick it. Smother it, Mother it, tickle it with your naughty bits. Feed it, need it, seed it and weed it. Rub it on your private parts until they start to bleed a bit. Make hay with it, run away with it, but don't be gay with it!!! I say, I say, I say with it.

Have some gravy on it. Mint sauce, red sauce, bread sauce, tea with it. Have it on your toast. Roast it, poach it, buy it and fry it. A little bit of what you fancy can't do you no harm a bit. Have it for your dinner, your breakfast and your tea. Everyone's a winner, you, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker and – me.

You'll LOVE it – "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE" by The InSurGentZ.

I Can Fly by The InSurGentZ

We crave to fly like a bird, we yearn for the buzz, buzz, buzz as we fly with the bumble bee. The magic mushrooms work and you see a trail of bees behind you. The LSD works and you soar like an eagle across the Station Fields. But wait...I don't need those things. I can fly just by using the psychosis in my brain, it's free, it's easy and it doesn't hurt when you land.

Sitting in the rooftop bar of a 5-star hotel, looking over the ballustrade at the people and cars below. Feel yourself being pulled over, climbing over and then jumping and YES! You can fly. Soaring down towards the ground, then...

Psychosis, like Red Bull - gives you wings!